Keep your wrinkles at bay. Another precious oil…..Argan oil is commonly referred to as “liquid gold” and the elixir of youth capable of regenerating the skin and strengthening the hair and nails. It has moisturising, restructuring effects revered for centuries attributed by its high vitamin E , vitamins, high linoleic acids and essential fatty acids. Known to protect against skin aging!

Argan Oil+ Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the argan tree in Southwest of Morocco, apparently the only place in the world where one can find this tree. An amazing moisturiser and anti ager all in one, it absorbs quickly, is non greasy and non irritating.

+ Argan oil may be used all over the body including the face, neck, hands, nails and hair.  Ideal for the prevention and treatment of fine lines and wrinkles which makes it an ideal anti aging product for day and night useage known to leave skin feeling soft and plumper.

+ Also excellent for dry, mature skin, premature aging , stretch marks, dry elbows, brittle nails, cuticles, unknown to clog your pores, beautifully soothing and healing after shaving, known to help balance oils and greasy skin, may help psoriasis , eczema, acne, cracked heels, sunburn and fading of age spots.

+ Conditions the hair – hair and skin product all in one! Benefit from softer, shinier, silkier hair – great for damaged hair, dry scalp, split ends and tames frizzy hair. Massaging scalp with our precious oil may help protect against hair loss.

+ Super skin food may help your skin elasticity



After cleansing apply a few drops to your palms, rub together and gently massage into your face and body. Either apply to hair, massage , leave on for twenty minutes before shampooing. OR... After blow drying rub together a couple of drops in palms and comb through hair with fingers and use as a natural styling product. 

Please Note:  Although ideal for very sensitive skin and very safe and pure we recommend as with all new products a small “patch test “ on your inner arm before using for the first time. This product is for external use only.

Our Prickly Pear and Argan Oils: We found from personal experiences these natural  and organic chemical free oils do work but we were consistent with their use. With continued use we are confident you also will notice the difference and benefit over time.

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