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Here's how it all started...

Jacqueline and Mary live next door to each other and became friends. Jacqueline’s Father, Zuqin Zeng, who is an expert in sustainable solar power systems and a very well respected businessman, spends his time between China and Morocco. During his time in Morocco he was fortunate to inspect the best quality argan oil outlet in Morocco, he subsequently bought some product of which he used for himself and gave to his family to try. Everyone using it has favourable results and the product appealed because of how multi functional it is. Argan oil is suitable for all skin types and you can use it on your face, body, hair, nails, dark circles under the eyes, puffy eyes and even rough patches on the knees and elbows and it doesn't clog the pores.

One day Jacqueline and Mary went to Wellington for the day and they were looking at some cosmetics and Mary complained about her disposition to wrinkles and that all the natural skincare she had tried just seemed to "sit" on her skin. When they arrived home Jacqueline ended up giving Mary a bottle of argan oil to try. This bottle stayed in the drawer for a while until Mary became inspired to start using it after watching + "Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty" and Rachel's enthusiasm about argan oil whilst in Morocco.

+ This can be viewed on You Tube (Rachel Hunter's tour of Beauty Morocco)

Mary started using the product and loved the way it was quickly absorbed into her skin, non greasy, didn't stain her pillow and her skin felt beautifully smooth and nourished afterwards. Jacqueline loves using the argan oil and started using the prickly pear seed oil on her neck a year ago. The wrinkles here are definitely much lighter than before. Jacqueline then gave Mary one of her precious prickly pear seed oils to try as well.

Having a much more mature skin and a hereditary pre disposition to wrinkles Mary noticed a huge difference in her facial skin and her skin ‘”soaked “ it up without appearing greasy, felt nourished, rejuvenated and seemed tighter. Mary has consistently been using it day and night for about 2 months. It's slowly getting firmer with her husband being the first to notice.

Recently over a regular home made chai tea and chat Jacqueline and Mary started talking about the results they were having from using the argan oil and prickly pear seed oils from this particular outlet in Morocco. Mary fractured her wrist last year and had her arm in plaster and immobilised for 6 weeks and the old “tell tale sign” of flabby top of arms started to set in. She started massaging the Argan oil into the skin and can’t believe how this area has been firmed even though she couldn’t exercise ( no weight bearing press ups for 6 months! ) Mary's husband also had amazing results on his bad facial scaly rash after helping himself to her precious oil.

Jacqueline’s argan oil and prickly pear seed oil has become Jacqueline’s facial serum now and she is using the Argan oil as a full body oil alone. Jacqueline’s delicate and sensitive skin used to scratch really easily and this is not happening as much these days as it’s stronger. Her friends were all experiencing different benefits. Jacqueline mentioned to Mary about going into business together to make these beautiful products available in “down under” ( N.Z and Australia ). Mary thought about this proposition and decided it fitted well with her beliefs and values as she is an advocate for organic foods and all things natural. Because she totally believed in the product she felt she would be comfortable selling to anyone.

She felt confident that Jacqueline’s Dad, living in Morocco, with his sustainable and ethical values and his connections sourced the best possible product available over there to bring the best here. Living next door to each other also seemed sensible logistics. Jacqueline’s vision as she is so passionate about this” liquid gold” and the rejuvenating properties in the prickly pear seed oils is to see everyone in New Zealand and Australia having one to enjoy!  

The logo of the two gold oil drops was chosen because it symbolises two sisters working together  with a heart of gold bringing these beautiful oils to NZ and Australia.

Our mission is that as we add further products for you, we personally source the best, the purest, the safest organic skincare in the world as we have done with the argan and prickly pear oil.  Our aim is to bring the pure brands of the world to you in one place.

Mary & Jacqueline

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